Nitasha Tiku · 10/08/14 04:17PM

Brit Morin Is Pregnant

Sam Biddle · 04/22/14 08:42AM

Chelsea Clinton, get the hell outta here—the young power establishment has a new chosen fetus, and it is the spawn of two mighty tech CEOs.

Brit Morin, Spam Artist

Sam Biddle · 03/28/14 11:21AM

Futurist and Senior Vice President for Doily Engineering Brit Morin is resorting to a very unglamorous tactic to grow her company: sending out old fashioned spammy text messages. DI-Yuck!

​Brit Morin's DIY2k13: A Look Back at Making Magic

Not Brit Morin · 12/31/13 10:32AM

Dear Diary/God/All Y'all Makers out there. PHEW. What a year! It has been full of blessings, Washi tape, pretzels with googly eyes on them, Velcro™, 3D printed spheres (put 'em on a bowl!) and doilies used for various things the Lord did not intend them for. But we reached the end, and have so much to be grateful for, so let's peep all the memories we "made" together. ;)

God Is Dead: Brit Morin Will Publish a Book

Sam Biddle · 11/19/13 05:30PM

It's unclear if this forthcoming title will be made out of repurposed yoga mats and glitter, but Brit Morin, Silicon Valley's most accomplished daycare instructor and DIY auteur, will be a published author. Watch out, Randi: there's a new literary star in town.

Silicon Valley Arts and Crafts Instructor Gets $6 Million

Sam Biddle · 06/26/13 09:46AM

Brit Morin profits, literally, from the Donald Rumsfeld school of reality: repeat something often enough and it will be so. Someone once called her the "Martha Stewart of Silicon Valley," and the label's been repeated in almost every article ever written about her, iota of talent not withstanding. Today, it pays off.