Is This the Worst Tech Idea of 2014?

Sam Biddle · 05/02/14 12:55PM

If you can't birth a genuinely good idea, there's a mounting body of evidence saying you should try the most deliberately stupid idea possible. How about a storage unit company that's calling itself a technology startup?

The $4 Billion Secret: Don't Bother Making Any Money

Sam Biddle · 10/31/13 03:39PM

Pinterest and Snapchat have two very important things in common: they were both recently, insanely valued by investors at around $4 billion, and neither of them has made a single dime in the entirety of their existence. How is this not a bubble, and why aren't more people saying this is crazy?

Bad Idea Rewarded

Sam Biddle · 07/01/13 12:58PM

This is the idea behind a startup named Outbox: a private company of strangers will take your (mostly junk) mail, open it, scan it, and then email it to you. This is questionable for a few dozen reasons, but investors disagree—it just nabbed a $5 million check.

Here's Everyone Who Hyped Zynga Before It Shit the Bed

Sam Biddle · 06/03/13 04:18PM

It's easy to mock Zynga right now as it starts to grip its stomach and collapse—but where were the skeptics before the IPO boom and bust? Too busy heaping praise on a company that sold virtual hay bales on Facebook—and it sure looks bad in retrospect.