Tech Stocks Continue Climbing to Record Levels

Kevin Montgomery · 08/28/14 11:30AM

Tech companies across the board are hitting record stock prices, TechCrunch notes, as investors scurry to pump their money into anything remotely related to Silicon Valley. This week, companies such as Apple, Facebook, MobileIron, TubeMogul, and Arista Networks have all hit all-time highs.

Kevin Montgomery · 08/26/14 06:22PM

Snapchat is joining the ranks of startups "worth" $10 billion. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kleiner Perkins is investing $20 million into the ephemeral messaging app. That cash infusion gives the company a new 11-digit valuation, despite lacking "a clear business model."

Kevin Montgomery · 08/19/14 11:25AM

The tech boom has already pushed up office rents in San Francisco 81 percent in four years, causing rents to approach levels last seen during the dot-com bubble. Now analysts are predicting the city's office rents will surpass Manhattan's "by the end of 2015."

Nitasha Tiku · 05/12/14 01:52PM

Om Malik says the "gold rush mentality" of the dotcom days has turned into "gross entitlement." Then there's this: "Yes, I have overheard a conversation that combined wisdom from Jesus and Ben Horowitz."