You Shouldn't Want To Live in Uber's Lazy Utopia

Sam Biddle · 12/11/13 02:00PM

When children are about old enough to stop vomiting on themselves, we teach them that instant gratification is bad—one of the simpler vices. But if Uber has its way and explodes into the big fat company of its own pipe dreams, it will make it OK for us to demand anything we want, whenever we want it.

Would You Pay $100 to Hear These Five Nobodies Talk for 8 Hours?

Sam Biddle · 11/11/13 04:01PM

In most corners of our planet, five guys with office jobs wouldn't be a gathering worth buying a ticket for—you could just show up to a bar, or batting cage. But in tech-land, five guys aren't five guys—they're a conference waiting to happen.

Today's Startup Cult Meeting Is Completely Incoherent

Sam Biddle · 10/18/13 04:41PM

Most crazed collections of likeminded nuts have something you could call an agenda. Maybe it's "startup assholes drinking wine on a mountain," or "lizard people are real," or something. But I have absolutely no fucking clue what "Camp Mighty" is about.

This Asshole Misses the Shutdown

Sam Biddle · 10/17/13 04:44PM

Someday, we'll be able to replace the public good with some sort of app or Twitter-connected mug—but for now, tech's strategy seems to be just ignoring notions of "society" and "cooperation." For many powerful figures in Silicon Valley, the federal shutdown was proof they don't need to care about you.

Startup Brilliance: Let's Call Part-Time Laundry Workers "Ninjas"

Sam Biddle · 10/08/13 09:56AM

Silicon Valley alchemy doesn't just create dazzling new things—it dazzles us into thinking mundane old ideas are new again. Take the idea of hauling away someone's dirty clothes: at LA startup Washio, you're actually a "kickass laundry ninja." What a difference a smartphone makes.

Startup Pulls $3 Mil Investment to Mail Frozen Sandwiches Across USA

Sam Biddle · 09/18/13 11:30AM

Behold the era of software companies that are literally disgusting: Goldbely, with the name and business sense of a cartoon Bond villain, just snagged a big check for an unfathomably unappetizing idea. For only $100, you can get an authentic Philly cheesesteak shipped to your Silicon Valley office, and then puke.

Dear Miss Disruption - An Advice Column from Silicon Valley

Sarah Jeong · 08/29/13 10:23AM

Dear Miss Disruption, I’m a thirty-five year old married man. My mother-in-law thinks I’m not good enough for her daughter. She never has a kind word for me. She never insults me to my face but she’s always making off-hand “jokes” about how I’m not “manly” or how her daughter “married a woman."

Venture Capitalist Dreams of Movie Theaters with Wi-Fi and Lights

Sam Biddle · 08/05/13 10:27AM

There is a tech bubble because the people making the things are unable to relate to the people who should be using the things. Judgment is run through a series of prisms, mufflers, and tubes filled with iced coffee—and the people who invest the big money think something like this is a good idea: