Sam Biddle · 06/10/14 03:31PM

Yahoo! exec David Karp and the President of the United States are currently running a Q&A session about issues that affect American youths—because, like everyone always said, Tumblr is where the teens are. And hey, they both love drones.

Tumblr Tried to Fire David Karp

Sam Biddle · 10/11/13 11:30AM

Nick Bilton presents more evidence of near-implosion at the International House of GIFs: "At Tumblr, the venture capitalists grew so impatient with its founder, David Karp, as he struggled to make the company profitable, they were discussing his removal before the site’s sale to Yahoo."

Tumblr Is Pushing Porn Into an Internet Sex Ghetto

Sam Biddle · 07/17/13 02:14PM

Since Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer began circling around Tumblr's billion dollar GIF vortex, we wondered what it'd do with the nasty stuff: the dog sex, the rape porn. Or even the more mild takes on fucking. Now we're starting to see: porn gets put where no one can find it.

Tumblr's David Karp Describes His "Incredibly Enabling Parents"

Sam Biddle · 05/30/13 03:30PM

After high school dropout David Karp turned Tumblr into a $250 million payout from Yahoo, lots of parents around the world are probably looking to duplicate the recipe. Here's part of it: let your kid have and do whatever they want.

Tumblr Has No Idea How to Handle Porn

Sam Biddle · 05/22/13 12:44PM

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is plowing through a media tour with her newly adopted internet son David Karp. On everyone's mind is how Tumblr will reconcile its vast collection of rape porn GIFs with tween-friendly advertising—and the duo doesn't have much of an answer.

Tumblr and Yahoo: Everyone's Rich and Everyone Loses

Sam Biddle · 05/20/13 02:58PM

Despite all the excited shouting, there's nothing particularly cheerful about Yahoo's maternal adoption of David Karp. Users are whining, investors are disappointed, pundits are ever-unimpressed, and Karp just gave up the future of his life's work for a bailout.

Source: Tumblr Made Even Less Money Than Reported Last Year

Nitasha Tiku · 05/20/13 09:44AM

As Yahoo and Tumblr remembered the nineties by negotiating their deal in the press, almost every acquisition report quoted the same figure, first reported by Forbes in January: Tumblr made $13 million in revenue in 2012, with the "hope" that it would get to $100 million in 2013. But a source familiar with the company told Valleywag that Tumblr's actual revenue (not bookings) in 2012 was less than $5 million.

That Horrible Tumblr Memo Was Actually a Fired Editor's Secret Revenge

Sam Biddle · 04/29/13 01:20PM

Tumblr founder David Karp's abrupt farewell to his Storyboard team earlier this month was so disingenuous, so thick with noxious doublespeak, that it hardly seemed real. That's because it wasn't: Storyboard's ousted leader ghost-wrote the news of his own firing because Karp wouldn't (or couldn't) do it. What's sweeter than making a fool of your boss on the way out?

Is Tumblr Finally Hiring an Adult?

Sam Biddle · 04/24/13 08:56AM

The good news for David Karp is that he created one of the most popular things to ever sit on the internet. The bad news is that Tumblr's investors say the company is worth $800 million, and Karp says he doesn't care about making money. That could change today.