Terrible Idea Punished with Death

Sam Biddle · 01/21/14 03:30PM

Have you ever yearned: I love the physical junk mail I get, but is there any way I could have it intercepted, opened by strangers, scanned, and routed directly to my email inbox, so I don't have to touch paper? San Francisco startup Outbox thought it had the solution. Maybe it did. Now it is gone. Good.

Marissa Mayer Just Bought a Funeral Home (?)

Sam Biddle · 10/30/13 10:58AM

She wasn't just going to let Mark Zuckerberg be the only one swallowing up adjacent property, was she? She's been in Vogue, don't you know,and if she wants to spend $11.2 million on a Palo Alto mortuary a block away from her house, then God bless her.


Sam Biddle · 06/04/13 08:43AM

Zynga's gargantuan purchase of OMGPOP, that company that made briefly mega-popular Draw Something, will now be an icon of tech collapse. Only slightly over a year after impulse-spending $200 million on the small company, Zynga is killing it.