The Shanley Show: Was The Whole Thing An Elaborate Hoax?

Dan Lyons · 02/02/15 12:00PM

Over the past two years, Shanley Kane achieved a kind of celebrity on Twitter, where, as @shanley, she claimed to be leading a crusade for women in tech. But now some people wonder if the whole thing was a massive hoax.

Kevin Montgomery · 11/03/14 04:30PM

Amazon has joined the chorus of companies releasing diversity statistics. Their report, released Halloween day, reveals that 63 percent of their workers are male and 40 percent are racial minorities. But Rainbow PUSH says Amazon was "intentionally deceptive," as they padded numbers with warehouse employees.

Twitter Headquarters Has Painted #Ferguson On Its Office Wall

Nitasha Tiku · 08/21/14 03:00PM

Twitter, a corporation with a market capitalization of $29 billion, has enjoyed some goodwill and good press this week because people successfully used the service to make the fatal shooting of Mike Brown an international issue.

Sam Biddle · 08/01/14 09:55AM

eBay just released its "diversity" report, following Yahoo, Twitter, Google, and Facebook. The numbers are not good, but not as homogenous as the competition: 42 percent of the company is female, and a whopping seven percent is black. Compared to Facebook, eBay is the cast of Glee.