Snapchat's Creator: Another Spoiled L.A. Brat

Sam Biddle · 10/24/13 02:43PM

This is the face of the New Meritocracy: Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel is atop a startup valued at $800 million after a lifetime of wealth, nepotism, favors, and fun. L.A. Weekly takes a look at the founder's charmed boyhood, and reminds you, life is always fair.

How To Screw a Friend Out of an $800 Million Idea

Sam Biddle · 08/05/13 01:19PM

There are some forces so powerful, not even the wrought iron bonds of frat friendship can withstand them. Money is one—and so the fun-loving young dudes who made Snapchat are at each other's throats in court. Here's where it started to go bad.

Snapchat Had the Frattiest Creation in Startup History

Sam Biddle · 07/10/13 01:30PM

The Brogrammer is a mostly mythological figure, a nine-headed scapegoat. But there are, of course, programmers who also happen to be massive bros. For instance, the dudes who founded mega-valuable Snapchat. When you call yourself a "certified bro" in an email to the opposite sex, then yes, you probably are. Let's read their emails and texts.