Will Facebook Really Let Its Bus Drivers Unionize?

Kevin Montgomery · 11/19/14 05:55PM

Facebook's fleet of shuttle bus drivers will vote today on whether to join the Teamsters labor union. The drivers have protested their work conditions, saying their employer requires them to work 15.5 hour-long split shifts, receive pay below the living wage, and say they're "held hostage" for the six hours between shifts when the shuttles aren't running.

Facebook Is Turning Users Into Voter Data Experiments

Kevin Montgomery · 10/31/14 02:40PM

Facebook's team of mad data scientists caught flak this summer for experimenting on their users' emotions. But the company has a proud history of turning people into unwitting research subjects. For at least six years, the social network has been mining the political preferences of its users without their consent. The company will pull personal political data for the 2016 election as well, but this time Facebook will share its findings.

Kevin Montgomery · 10/28/14 07:03PM

Wall Street wasn't happy with Facebook's latest earnings report. TechCrunch thinks it's because Facebook "refused to break out any data about usage levels of teens, which are widely thought to be abandoning Facebook for apps like Snapchat." C'mon, TechCrunch, where's that fist-pumping Facebook apologia when you need it?

Facebook Apologizes For Discriminatory "Real Name" Policy

Kevin Montgomery · 10/01/14 10:10AM

Facebook sparked a fierce backlash three weeks ago when it began enforcing a "real name" policy against performers and members of the LGBT community. The company initially dug in its heels, refusing to stop requiring people to use their legal names, inciting hundreds of thousands of people to flee to the quasi-anti-corporate network Ello. Now Facebook is feeling the heat and is slated to apologize for the situation later today, sources tell Valleywag.

Mark Zuckerberg Pays Kids to Squat in Parking Spots Overnight

Kevin Montgomery · 09/26/14 03:45PM

The extravagant renovation of Mark Zuckerberg's $10 million San Francisco "fixer-upper" has already aggravated neighbors with months of noise and parking concerns. But Zuckerberg's own actions are making the impacts of the ongoing 17 month project worse. According to CBS, the boy billionaire has been paying a squad of squatters to hold parking spots so his construction workers have somewhere to park.

Ello Is There Anybody Out There

Nitasha Tiku · 09/25/14 04:45PM

Ello is a bright and clean new social network that promises, in its manifesto, to stay free of ads, never sell your data, and not make anyone use real names. People are paying attention to Ello because other people are paying attention to Ello. It is invitation only. New members were joining at the rate of 4,000 sign-ups per hour yesterday; the site is doubling in size every 3 or 4 days. Ello just notified me that I can't send out invites right now because "Ello has gone viral."