Why the Hell Are People Still Giving This Guy Money?

Sam Biddle · 06/11/14 10:53AM

In Hollywood, a botched career often takes many years to reverse—if it turns around at all. But in tech, where failure is worshipped, the men who fail spectacularly don't have to worry about history. Each new day is a new chance to play with someone else's money, no matter how badly you fucked up the last time. Just ask Peter Pham.

This Is How All Startups Should Fail

Sam Biddle · 01/21/14 02:46PM

The Cult of Silicon Valley worships failure—fail fast!—but only after it's been reversed and perverted. Actually calling it quits, admitting that you didn't succeed, and declaring your project dead, is rare. But 4chan founder Christopher Poole just conceded with perfect dignity and intelligence.