Banana Republic's Latest Fashion Line: 'The Startup Guy'

Sam Biddle · 07/21/14 09:37AM

Despite their status as the new white collar villains of our day (or probably, because of it), startup founders have one more victory to tout: fashion icons. At least according to Banana Republic, which is now using a very warped notion of Silicon Valley chic to sell beige fabric.

Physically Flawless Google Glass Nerds Hit Vogue

Sam Biddle · 08/16/13 04:49PM

Is this the "big moment" for face computers? Does pairing a $2,300 Gucci turtleneck or $1,200 Balenciaga boots with a $1,500 pair of gadget glasses make them haute? Will you look like a model—or will the model look like you? No to all of these, of course, but Google's at least scored itself some glossy mag cachet.