Hot Startup: Seamless for Rich People

Sam Biddle · 05/01/14 12:40PM

It's always been fun to be a decadent asshole, but it's never been so easy. It's also apparently good business to help scale haute tech self-indulgence, as evidenced by a buzzy new food startup that's literally called Caviar.

Semen-Like Food Replacement Lands $1.5 Million Investment

Sam Biddle · 10/21/13 01:58PM

Soylent is a tough sell, as it's impossible to try it and not think about eating sperm. But it's a cult hit among a certain Silicon Valley subset, which swears it's actually a viable alternative to the venerable human pastime of chewing. It sounds (is?) crazy, but not too crazy to get a big new funding round.

Startup Pulls $3 Mil Investment to Mail Frozen Sandwiches Across USA

Sam Biddle · 09/18/13 11:30AM

Behold the era of software companies that are literally disgusting: Goldbely, with the name and business sense of a cartoon Bond villain, just snagged a big check for an unfathomably unappetizing idea. For only $100, you can get an authentic Philly cheesesteak shipped to your Silicon Valley office, and then puke.

The Foie Gras Fountain Is in Conference Room B

Jeremy Blachman · 07/08/13 11:24AM

Dear Employees—We hope you’ve been enjoying the caviar station next to the copy center. As we complete our fourteenth round of venture capital funding, we are pleased to announce some additional workplace perks, to be added to the list outlined in the brochure you received during your month-long orientation at Nirvana All-Inclusive Beach Resort. We trust that you still have the brochure, since, like all of our corporate literature, it is made of gold.