Nitasha Tiku · 07/14/14 01:36PM

Investor Fred Wilson on how the underdog becomes the overlord: "The same could be said of Google, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Uber, and all of the dominant networks that are emerging around us. From laughable toys to dominant monopolies in less than a decade."

Q&A with Larry Lessig on Why You Should Have Faith in Silicon Valley

Nitasha Tiku · 06/18/14 05:30PM

The story of how a young programmer named Aaron Swartz convinced celebrated academic Lawrence Lessig that no political progress could be made without first reforming campaign finance is now part of Silicon Valley lore. In May, Lessig launched a radical initiative to address the issue: MAYDAY, a SuperPAC that secured funding from two Silicon Valley billionaires in order to curtail the influence of big money.

Fred Wilson Says He Prefers to Invest in Startups that Sound Stupid

Sam Biddle · 04/26/13 03:46PM

Union Square Ventures chief Fred Wilson has some big notches on his bedpost: Tumblr, Twitter, and Zynga (cough). But if you look at USV's portfolio page, you'll see a lot of chaff. Bad ideas that will probably go nowhere. This is the case with most VC firms. But unlike most investors, Wilson actually tries to chase down laughable ideas. Suddenly it all makes sense.