Beached Tech Bus Spoils Morning Commute

Kevin Montgomery · 08/05/14 11:30AM

San Francisco is just five days into its tech bus pilot program and one of Silicon Valley's glistening chariots has already lodged itself at the bottom of one of the city's hills. Fortunately for the bus operator, San Francisco's public transportation agency is en route to free it:

Kevin Montgomery · 07/01/14 10:57AM

How's this for a metaphor for what's going on in San Francisco? Directly outside City Hall yesterday, a pleb-filed Muni collided with a luxury tech bus. It's the rich and the poor—the private and public sectors—butting heads again before a mayor increasingly giving favors to Silicon Valley. [Photo: defabulous]

Protestors Blockade Private Tech Buses

Sam Biddle · 01/21/14 12:50PM

The day after an uncomfortable internal leak out of Google, anti-gentrification activists in San Francisco are attempting to shut down private shuttles from Facebook and Google, the old fashioned way.