Startup Gets Hacked, Revealing Child CEO Posing with Cash

Sam Biddle · 01/31/14 05:00AM

Clinkle was supposed to be the mobile payments app of the future, but so far, all it's been able to create is horrible headlines about itself and its hated 22-year-old founder. Like clockwork, Clinkle just got hacked, and revealed this endearing photo of Stanford star and CEO Lucas Duplan.

Snapchat CEO Won't Say Sorry for Hack

Sam Biddle · 01/03/14 04:40PM

The $3 billion boy, Evan Spiegel, had a very good New Year's Eve. He allegedly partied at a lavish L.A. company fete with Taylor Swift and coworkers, looking back on a meteoric 2013. His millions of users, however, had their phone numbers stolen—and so far, he doesn't think he owes anyone an apology.

"Hackers and Hookers" Startup Party Is Tech's New Worst Idea

Sam Biddle · 10/23/13 02:21PM

"Beer. Dance floor. Shot bar. Food truck. Girls." Nerds. Obliviousness. Poor judgment. Skewed cultural views. Social regression. Bros. MySQL. Crushing it. A party atmosphere combined with everything that makes the rest of the world hate you, Silicon Valley: this party is not smart.

Twitter's Complete Guide to Not Being Hacked

Sam Biddle · 04/30/13 09:06AM

The microblogging service that's become a newsroom staple across the world is still missing stronger, two-step security offered by Google and Facebook. Security that would've stopped companies like Burger King or the AP from being hacked. In the meantime, we've been sent this memo:

LivingSocial Hacked

Sam Biddle · 04/26/13 03:58PM

More bad news for the struggling Groupon clone: 50 million users just got their personal information jacked by hackers. How hard is Amazon regretting ever getting wrapped up in this thing?

Sam Biddle · 04/23/13 12:20PM

The AP's Twitter account was just hacked, almost certainly in the same fashion as Burger King and Jeep before it. All of this because Twitter still won't add simple two-step security like Facebook or GMail.