Homeless Silicon Valley Couple Triumphs Against All Odds

Leah Finnegan · 04/09/15 09:45AM

Prerna Gupta and her husband Parag Chordia own a company that makes iPhone apps. Their most famous app is Songify, which made them very rich—so rich that they faced every rich person's nightmare: they began to struggle with the meaning of possessions and money.

Sam Biddle · 01/03/14 04:46PM

Silicon Alley during the morning commute. Photo submitted by anonymous Valleywag reader.

Homelessness Solved

Sam Biddle · 08/22/13 12:14PM

We owe young Patrick McConlogue an apology. Yesterday, the boyish wantrepreneur startled us with his plan to help the poor: just teach them how to code. It seemed a little naive—even demeaning—to think teaching a homeless person Javascript would rescue them from the streets. Maybe we were wrong.