Real Conversations With Make-Believe Girlfriends And Boyfriends

Dan Lyons · 01/30/15 10:47AM

Last week I wrote about a service called Invisible Girlfriend and/or Invisible Boyfriend, which lets people create make-believe partners and have conversations with them via text message. ("World's Saddest Service Offers Make-Believe Boyfriend Or Girlfriend.") Since then I've heard from a guy who gets paid (5 cents per text message) to do this pen-pal work. He agreed to share some of the conversations he's had. The screen shots are below, and once you see them, you'll probably understand why these people don't have partners in real life.

World's Saddest Service Offers Make-Believe Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Dan Lyons · 01/20/15 01:32PM

The service is called Invisible Girlfriend, and the idea is that you sign up and pay $25 and they will send you text messages and photos and make you feel as if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend (your choice), and if you can laugh at this without your laughter getting caught in your throat and turning to sobs, then you are a heartless tool.