Vulture Capitalist: Avoid That Box IPO! 

Dan Lyons · 01/23/15 06:46AM

My friend the Vulture is a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. He recently wrote a piece for us and I've been hoping he would do another one. I asked him what he thought of the Box IPO, which is taking place today. Shares last night priced at $14 per share, which will imply a valuation of $1.7 billion for Box — which last July raised a private round at $2.4 billion. Meaning: Box is limping into the public markets. But maybe, at this price, Box is a steal? Vulture doesn't think so. In fact he was brutal — especially about the VCs who are foisting this lump of coal onto the public while also setting up a sweetheart deal for themselves.

Nitasha Tiku · 03/26/14 03:44PM

When it comes to contemporary tech IPOs, profits don't matter. "Many of these tech issuers—particularly the enterprise tech ones—could be profitable if it was somehow required. They'd probably shrivel up and eventually die, but it technically could be done (as opposed to investing into future growth)."

Your Spare Tire Is Taking Grubhub-Seamless Public

Nitasha Tiku · 02/28/14 12:30PM

Yesterday, I ordered both breakfast and dinner from Seamless. I didn't consume lunch since that would have involved leaving my laptop and walking across the street. Because I am disgusting, Grubhub, Inc.—the food delivery monster created after former arch enemies Seamless and GrubHub merged in 2013—is going public.

Reminder: The Twitter IPO Won't Make You Rich

Sam Biddle · 11/07/13 09:41AM

It's Facebook Twitter IPO day! After months of SEC reviews and roadshows and profiteering, FB TWTR will finally take its place in the Nasdaq NYSE menagerie. Time to start digging up your backyard bullion stash, right? Wrong. For the average guy the Facebook IPO is strictly Like Fave, don't touch.

Twitter: Still Losing Even More Money

Sam Biddle · 10/15/13 05:38PM

Twitter tossed out a little update to its pre-IPO disclosures, and the soon-to-be-public company is still far, far away from profitable.

Twitter's Nielsen Partnership Is Marketing Hype

Sam Biddle · 10/08/13 04:32PM

Twitter wants its future stockholders to believe it's the fastest way to a TV viewer's heart (and wallet). But can hashtags and retweets alone show us what's going to be the next Breaking Bad? Doubtful.