Square Posts List of Its Top Ten Insecurities

Sam Biddle · 08/14/14 04:23PM

The only tried and true PR strategy is to literally never say anything, ever, to anyone. Short of that, another good rule is to not post a list of "myths" to "debunk" about your "company" because it really makes you look "scared."

Dave Morin's Existential Crisis Is Playing Out on Twitter

Nitasha Tiku · 08/04/14 02:00PM

In past six weeks former Facebook mafioso Dave Morin has changed his Twitter bio at least three times. Three versions of his mini memoir—"Small town guy," "Small town guy from Montana," and "Entrepreneur & Investor"—omitted any mention of Path, the struggling social networking startup that has raised $77 million in funding.

The Deleted Web Poetry of Jack Dorsey

Sam Biddle · 10/14/13 02:38PM

Soon, 36-year-old Jack Dorsey will be the chairman of a publicly traded Twitter, and worth hundreds of millions of dollars. A decade prior, before screwing his friends and changing the internet, he was JakDaemon: a moody young man in St. Louis, desperate to share his beauty with the world. Here's his archive.

Just How Powerful Is Square?

Sam Biddle · 05/14/13 11:06AM

Square's selfie auteur Jack Dorsey just unveiled a new cash register stand that ought to be very helpful for tech-savvy small business people. But what's essentially a plastic case for an iPad was enough to draw a crowd SF tech reporters at 8 am.

Twitter's Beautiful Founder Is Officially Scaring Us

Sam Biddle · 05/06/13 09:56AM

Jack Dorsey, condemned to a perpetual state of selfie for crimes in a past life, is starting to straight up frighten us. Is staring blankly into a camera every day the best way to get people to use your app?

Twitter's Creator Just Perfected the Selfie

Sam Biddle · 04/30/13 11:48AM

Vine, previously known for ruining every medium of visual art, has reached new heights: an infinitely looping vision of its king, Jack Dorsey. Vanity has never looked so good—and this might be what actually makes Vine more than a niche novelty.