Kevin Montgomery · 10/21/14 04:50PM

Fab.com is still fucked. The startup's co-founder Jason Goldberg told TechCrunch that Fab, which once raised $150 million and commanded a $1 billion valuation, was burning $14 million a month before layoffs. Now the decor startup is down to just 25 employees.

Fab.com Is Probably Dead This Year

Sam Biddle · 06/04/14 10:40AM

There hasn't been a single piece of good news from Fab.com in a very long time. Layoffs, mismanagement, plummeting morale, and executive reshuffles have erased Fab's early rep as a cheery decor startup with tons of money in the bank. Now, the bad can't get much worse: we're hearing Fab is already starting to shut down.

Fab.com CEO Jason Goldberg Wrote a Jerry Maguire Memo to Himself

Nitasha Tiku · 04/21/14 02:15PM

When Jerry Maguire sat down in front of his personal computer in 1996 to type out a longform business sext entitled "The Things We Think and Do Not Say: The Future of Our Business," did he know that it would take 18 years for another entrepreneur to replicate that kind of startup straight talk express?

Here's How You Can Live When Your Startup Is "Worth" a Billion

Sam Biddle · 04/26/13 09:30AM

Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shellhammer did something rare: they built Fab, a shopping website that's standing out from the other trillion shopping websites. Sales are up, and judging by the pictures they post of their fabulous lives, egos are up too. This is conspicuous consumption at its bubble best.

Fab.com Worth $1,000,000,000?

Sam Biddle · 04/23/13 08:15AM

Looks like a lot of people have been buying wacky stools and canine bow ties: TechCrunch reports that whimsy epicenter Fab.com is taking a new funding round that will put its "value" squarely at one billion dollars.