Has Jeff Bezos Lost His Mind?

Dan Lyons · 01/06/15 01:12PM

That in a nutshell is the gist of a new 8-million-word article in Fast Company that starts out blaming Bezos for the failure of the Fire Phone and then says the Fire Phone is just one of several dubious new ventures like delivering groceries and making TV shows that probably make no sense. Also, Amazon's growth is slowing and investors are getting impatient with its inability to turn a profit.

Jeff Bezos Is Incredibly Creepy at Breakfast

Sam Biddle · 06/25/14 09:55AM

It's bad enough that Amazon's latest product is basically a way to monitor your face (in the dark!) and record everything you're even thinking about buying. Atop all that, CEO Jeff Bezos sounds like a movie villain when ordering breakfast.

Jeff Bezos Fucking Loves Rockets

Sam Biddle · 07/19/13 10:17AM

Have you ever cared about something as much as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos cares about NASA engine components at the bottom of the sea? I doubt it. Note to all American tycoons: this is how you should show off.