Sean Parker Is Unemployed

Sam Biddle · 03/06/14 04:45PM

Facebook billionaire conservationist Sean Parker just stepped down from his investor gig at Founders Fund, where he worked for years within one of tech's most prominent venture capital machines. So, what exactly will he do every day now?

The Biggest Bullshit Job Titles in Tech

Sam Biddle · 02/12/14 02:20PM

Last week, the chilling visage of David Shing was thrust upon the world. Equally horrific was his job title—"Digital Prophet." That's something you can be for a living? Yes, and there are plenty of other make-believe jobs out there, too.

AOL Killing Off American Tech Support

Sam Biddle · 05/07/13 04:41PM

A (soon to be axed) tipster tells us AOL is canning its entire domestic tech support team, to be replaced by outsourced staff. I hope you don't have any future problems with your... AOL thing.