PandoDaily's One Talented Writer Quits

Sam Biddle · 01/03/14 11:09AM

Hamish McKenszie, who provided the occasional sign of life in an otherwise algae-clogged editorial pro-corporate dead zone, has left PandoDaily for a PR gig at Tesla Motors, multiple sources tell me (and his LinkedIn confirms). Leaving Pando to join an actual startup—Sarah Lacy must be weeping with pride.

The Year in Completely Incoherent TechCrunch Headlines

Sam Biddle · 12/26/13 11:24AM

It's been a banner year for Silicon Valley's blog of record—investor cash is flowing, and incomprehensible gibberish companies are flourishing. As are incomprehensible gibberish articles about them.

Jessica Lessin Throws Intimate Party for The People She Covers

Sam Biddle · 12/13/13 11:43AM

If you're considering a $400 subscription to The Information, the new tech reporting venture from star Wall Street Journal alum Jessica Lessin, you're buying more than news. As her Pacific Heights mansion launch party made clear, Lessin is still (uncomfortably) close with her Facebook husband's executive friends.

Sam Biddle · 12/04/13 12:07PM

As we previously reported, WSJ alum Jessica Lessin's new site—"The Information"—is live, and it's behind a big ol' paywall. A $400 per year paywall. "We need to write articles that deliver value worth paying for," she says. Will you?

Sam Biddle · 11/25/13 10:40AM

TechCrunch alum Paul Carr's e-zine NSFW Corp has gone under, The Guardian reports. Carr says he will join longtime friend Sarah Lacy at her site, PandoDaily, which will also hire some of his staff.

Google Is Giving Away Free Phones, Go Get Yours!

Sam Biddle · 10/24/13 03:37PM

The latest Android payola stunt is meant for journalists, of course, but if you're in Manhattan next week, why not swing by? Literally anyone with arms can be a blogger. Bring your party pants and a hunger for gratis electronics.