Why the Hell Are People Still Giving This Guy Money?

Sam Biddle · 06/11/14 10:53AM

In Hollywood, a botched career often takes many years to reverse—if it turns around at all. But in tech, where failure is worshipped, the men who fail spectacularly don't have to worry about history. Each new day is a new chance to play with someone else's money, no matter how badly you fucked up the last time. Just ask Peter Pham.

Snapchat's Creator: Another Spoiled L.A. Brat

Sam Biddle · 10/24/13 02:43PM

This is the face of the New Meritocracy: Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel is atop a startup valued at $800 million after a lifetime of wealth, nepotism, favors, and fun. L.A. Weekly takes a look at the founder's charmed boyhood, and reminds you, life is always fair.

Startup Brilliance: Let's Call Part-Time Laundry Workers "Ninjas"

Sam Biddle · 10/08/13 09:56AM

Silicon Valley alchemy doesn't just create dazzling new things—it dazzles us into thinking mundane old ideas are new again. Take the idea of hauling away someone's dirty clothes: at LA startup Washio, you're actually a "kickass laundry ninja." What a difference a smartphone makes.

Elon Musk Is So Rich He Says He'll Pay to Widen Public Highways

Sam Biddle · 04/25/13 01:13PM

PayPal billionaire, electric car zealot, and one man NASA Elon Musk has had it with his L.A. commute on the 405. But instead of just bitching about it like the rest of us plebes, he says he'll pay out of pocket to get a massive lane-expanding project over with.