VC Firm Settles Sickening Sexual Harassment Suit From Female Admins

Nitasha Tiku · 09/24/14 04:50PM

CMEA Capital, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm, has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit filed in March, 2013 by three female executive administrative assistants. The complaint, which is embedded below, alleges "pervasive and severe" sexually and racially charged statements and actions made by former chief operating partner John Haag, including using "Shaniqua" as a derogatory nickname and telling one of the defendants that the other defendant was "fine" and that he would "suck her daddy's dick."

Homeless Hater Greg Gopman Sued for Abusing Funds And Terrorizing CEO

Nitasha Tiku · 02/25/14 07:00PM

Former AngelHack CEO Greg Gopman was just as toxic towards his own startup as he was towards homeless people. In a lawsuit filed this month in California State Superior Court, his cofounder Sabeen Ali claims that Gopman used money from AngelHack's bank accounts to pay for personal expenses including his $4,500/month apartment rent, credit card debt, as well as "elaborate vacations" in Thailand and Colombia.

Class Action Lawsuit Calls 23andMe Misleading, False, and Unscientific

Nitasha Tiku · 12/03/13 11:55AM

It's hard out there for a rule-flouting, heavily financed disruptor. If it's not government regulators, then it's "frivolous lawsuits," amirite? This time, it's a class action lawsuit filed in California accusing 23andMe of "falsely and misleadingly" advertising their $99 genetic tests. The complaint, which asks for at least $5 million, also says the tests are "not supported by any scientific evidence."

Twitter Sued for $124 M. for Pumping Investor Interest Before Its IPO

Nitasha Tiku · 10/30/13 02:18PM

Two financial firms filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court today alleging that Twitter had them organize a private sale of its shares and then cancelled the sale—all for the purpose of ratcheting up investor interest prior to its IPO. The complaint accuses Twitter of "using the aborted sale as a way to give the money-losing company a $10 billion market valuation and higher IPO price," says Reuters.