Zillow Accused of Subjecting Female Employees to "Sexual Torture"

Kevin Montgomery · 12/02/14 04:33PM

Zillow has built up a $4.5 billion valuation by amassing an immense real estate database. But a lawsuit filed in a California court accuses the company of cultivating an "adult frat house" culture in which female employees are constantly solicited for sex by co-workers, ranked on their breast size, and fired if they refuse to play along.

Parents Forced Frat Boys to Screw a Partner Out of a Popular Startup

Kevin Montgomery · 11/18/14 05:20PM

Yik Yak may not be a household name like Snapchat, but it's almost as popular. The anonymous college bulletin board app was founded by three frat brothers at Furman University last fall and has already pulled in around $85 million in venture capital. Like other apps born out of frats, two of the founders allegedly screwed the third out of the company—only this time it was under parental supervision.

Google Faces Class Action Suit For Exploiting Contract Workers

Kevin Montgomery · 11/14/14 06:10PM

Google has become the latest tech company hit with a lawsuit for exploiting contract workers. Reuters reports that a class action suit has been filed against Google, alleging the company misclassified employees as independent contractors. The plaintiff behind the suit also alleges he was refused the overtime wages and was not paid for all the time spent working.

Lyft's Board Allegedly Debated Ousting Their CEO 

Kevin Montgomery · 11/10/14 12:40PM

The legal battle between Lyft and its former COO is shaping up to be a long, ugly fight. The on-demand car company has accused Travis VanderZanden of stealing tens of thousands of secret company documents before he joined Lyft's main competitor, Uber. Now VanderZanden has fired back in a new court filing, saying he was plotting with Lyft's board of directors to dispose of the company's CEO before leaving the startup.

Apple Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Unpaid Wages

Kevin Montgomery · 07/22/14 04:48PM

Apple is now facing a class action lawsuit for unpaid wages. The suit was originally filed on behalf of Genius Bar employees in 2009, alleging Apple denied workers their legally-required meal and rest breaks. Following years of litigation in California's Superior Court, the case was certified as a class action suit today.

How To Screw a Friend Out of an $800 Million Idea

Sam Biddle · 08/05/13 01:19PM

There are some forces so powerful, not even the wrought iron bonds of frat friendship can withstand them. Money is one—and so the fun-loving young dudes who made Snapchat are at each other's throats in court. Here's where it started to go bad.

FarmVille Suing Bang With Friends

Sam Biddle · 07/31/13 09:21AM

Zynga, the failing company behind games you used to play like Draw Something and Words With Friends, is getting desperate as it falters: Bloomberg reports the firm is taking silly sex app Bang With Friends to court for trademark infringement.