What Has Lean In Done for You Lately?

Nitasha Tiku · 03/14/14 04:45PM

Last March, Sheryl Sandberg launched Lean In, a non-profit offshoot of her best-selling book. At the time of the organization's launch, it was too early to tell exactly who would benefit from the politically ambitious Facebook executive's top-down empowerment agenda. But now, one year later—after a high-profile publicity tour, a sworn commitment to diversifying stock photos, and the world's only meh Beyoncé video—and Sandberg still doesn't have a good answer.

Why Are Sheryl Sandberg's DC Meetings Secret?

Sam Biddle · 10/16/13 10:26AM

The next stop on Sheryl Sandberg's Sheryl Sandberg Publicity Tour: our shuttered nation's capital, where the shutdown means government officials are happy to meet you, but unable to explain to anyone why.

Sheryl Sandberg: Not at Work

Sam Biddle · 09/17/13 03:48PM

Facebook's best-selling author-in-residence and part-time COO Sheryl Sandberg is on another publicity tour. Don't take our word for it: she uploaded a snap that contains 14 separate images of her face as proof. Remind us again, who's doing her job at Facebook when she isn't?

Sheryl Sandberg Successfully Makes SF Plane Crash About Herself

Sam Biddle · 07/06/13 05:36PM

It's not news when someone isn't somewhere, but Facebook's top celebrity author sure convinced the internet otherwise: Sheryl Sandberg has thousands buzzing about the fact that she was not aboard a crashed plane today, despite zero initial reports that she ever was.