One Tesla Isn't Enough For Gavin Newsom

Kevin Montgomery · 07/09/14 01:45PM

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom wants to be every techie's favorite politician. He wrote an entire book about technology reinventing government and routinely speaks at industry events. He even attended Sean Parker's infamous wedding. Now Newsom is declaring his "intense passion" for Silicon Valley's chosen car company.

Nitasha Tiku · 05/05/14 12:50PM

LinkedIn's most popular feature is not job recruiting, but "Who's viewed your profile," proving once again that social networks are only good for two things: stalking and ego boosts.

Bourgeois Crisis: The LinkedIn Shuttle Is Broken

Sam Biddle · 09/12/13 10:21AM

Enjoy your life this very moment, because there is real suffering in the world: a tipster tells us LinkedIn's luxury shuttle is suffering from a mechanical failure. Its riders are sitting on the curb—will they have to interact with the homeless? How will they get to Mountain View?