The Shanley Show: Was The Whole Thing An Elaborate Hoax?

Dan Lyons · 02/02/15 12:00PM

Over the past two years, Shanley Kane achieved a kind of celebrity on Twitter, where, as @shanley, she claimed to be leading a crusade for women in tech. But now some people wonder if the whole thing was a massive hoax.

Now Some Assholes Are Taunting The Pro-Diversity People

Dan Lyons · 01/16/15 03:47PM

Diversity activist Shanley Kane (@shanley) is "cofounder and CEO of ModelViewCulture," as well as a "cultural critic, organizer, writer and feminist." Yesterday she went on a tirade about Linux creator Linus Torvalds for some dismissive comments about diversity that he made at a conference, and now the other side, whoever they are — Linux hackers? Gamergate trolls? I have no idea — have fired back with a fake website devoted to a fake organization called The Feminist Software Foundation, which is creating a new Unix variant, called ToleranUX.

Linus Torvalds Does Not Give A Shit About You And Your Dumb Opinions

Dan Lyons · 01/16/15 03:16PM

Linus Torvalds created Linux, and you didn't. What else do you need to know? Torvalds was at some conference in New Zealand this week and pesky question people started giving him shit for not being very nice on the mailing list where sad pee-stained losers Linux developers communicate and work together to make the glorious software known as Linux. Someone pointed out that Torvalds was kind of abrasive online, only to find out that in fact Torvalds is even worse IRL.