Lyft's Board Allegedly Debated Ousting Their CEO 

Kevin Montgomery · 11/10/14 12:40PM

The legal battle between Lyft and its former COO is shaping up to be a long, ugly fight. The on-demand car company has accused Travis VanderZanden of stealing tens of thousands of secret company documents before he joined Lyft's main competitor, Uber. Now VanderZanden has fired back in a new court filing, saying he was plotting with Lyft's board of directors to dispose of the company's CEO before leaving the startup.

Here's What the Mission Riots Looked Like After the Giants' Victory

Kevin Montgomery · 10/30/14 12:45PM

Multiple traffic lights were molested last night as crowds of fans flocked to San Francisco's Mission District following the Giants' World Series victory. As the riot grew in size and SFPD officers began losing control of the situation, dozens of fires were ignited as helicopters beaming spotlights swarmed overhead.

People Keep Getting Into Strangers' Cars Because They Think It's An Uber

Nitasha Tiku · 08/18/14 11:15AM

Just because Uber's motto is "Everyone's private driver," doesn't mean every car is yours for the hailing. But the popularity of apps like Uber and Lyft have spawned some awkward curbside interactions. "Basically anytime I'm pulled over on the side of the street, someone tries to hail me or just opens my car door," said tech investor Ashwin Deshmukh, when I asked him about the trend.

Lyft in New York Is a Ghost Town

Sam Biddle · 07/28/14 01:25PM

After a harrowing launch attempt and some legal wrangling with city regulators, Lyft has finally arrived in New York. Sort of. If you actually try to use the app, there are no rides to be found.

Kevin Montgomery · 07/10/14 12:05PM

Lyft has already been declared illegal in New York City. The city's taxi commission is threatening to impound driver's vehicles, saying the e-hailing startup hasn't complied with "safety requirements and other licensing criteria."