Airbnb Lobbyist Is Charging $800 for Tickets to a "Sharing" Conference

Nitasha Tiku · 05/08/14 12:30PM

It's time to draw a line in the (shared) sand. Technocrats can have "disrupt" and "pivot." Bury those words in a PowerPoint pitch deck; they are lost to us now. But startups must not be allowed to co-opt "share." Just look at the twisted things they want to do with it.

Man Loves Driving Strangers So Much, He Bursts into Song

Sam Biddle · 08/22/13 09:12AM

The "sharing economy" is a misnomer—Silicon Valley doesn't want you to think of it as an economy, so much as a lifestyle. We're not potential consumers, but potential friends, allies, and maybe even stalkers. So, it only makes sense that ridesharing app Lyft would make a love song to itself.

When Your Smartphone Chauffeur Becomes a Stalker

Sam Biddle · 07/16/13 12:17PM

Lyft, one of San Francisco's most beloved new apps, isn't a bad idea if you think about it very briefly: the city's transit service isn't great, so let's make it easy to pay for a ride from your fellow man. But, surprise, when you let almost anyone be a cab driver, your fellow man is going to creep you the hell out.

Is This Ridesharing App Literally Causing an SF Class Battle?

Sam Biddle · 07/12/13 04:29PM

Lyft is a popular Bay Area app that seeks to turn San Franciscans into private drivers for one another, under the lovely euphemism "ridesharing." Naturally, cab drivers feel threatened, and there's been plenty of grumbling. Now we hear the grumbling is turning to face-punches.