Truthiness: Jon Stewart Rips Anti-Vaxxer Mom, Leaves Out One Fact

Dan Lyons · 02/05/15 12:30PM

You may have seen the Jon Stewart bit about the measles outbreak, where he teed off on Tracy Skytt, a Marin County mom presented as a goofy liberal California anti-vaxxer. What you may not know is that Stewart and his producers edited out part of the original CNN clip — the part where CNN reported that Skytt's children have, in fact, been vaccinated against measles.

Anti-Vaxxers: They're In Silicon Valley, Too

Dan Lyons · 02/03/15 03:10PM

There's a big measles outbreak happening right now, thanks to anti-vaxxers like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey and the people who listen to them. But Hollywood isn't the only place where people fall for junk science. There are anti-vaxxers in Silicon Valley, too. One of them is NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson, who in 2011 was supporting the doctor whose bogus research helped give rise to the anti-vaxxer movement.