Nitasha Tiku · 06/02/14 12:50PM

Facebook may not like its corrosive effect on the types of news that gets shared online, but its influence is growing stronger. WhatsApp, its $19 billion messaging miracle, already sends more traffic to USA Today's sports blog than Twitter.

The Ellen Selfie Was TV's Victory, Not Twitter's

Sam Biddle · 03/03/14 04:36PM

It's 2014 and Twitter isn't a profitable company—but did you see how many retweets Ellen got last night? The Hollywood selfie seems like a giant business coup for ad-reliant Twitter, but it says more about the power of a century-old technology than anything else.

Buy Tech Influence in NYC for Just $850

Sam Biddle · 12/05/13 12:59PM

For years, Ambiguous New York Media Person par excellence Rachel Sklar has maintained a private email list for her close friends. It's a power cluster of well-connected-on-paper women in media, technology, and the blurry outskirts of each, a ceaseless mill of congratulations and networking. Now, you can buy your way inside for just $850 every year.

Sam Biddle · 04/23/13 09:28AM

Despite a recent investment from Jeff Bezos, Business Insider appears to be advertising for Facebook instead.