Beautiful Illusions: The Economics of UberX

Justin Singer · 06/11/14 03:40PM

Last month, Uber boasted that its drivers command a median salary of $90,000 per year. This is not totally honest. Justin Singer wades into the financial morass, and says the truth about how much Uber drivers make is very far from simple.

Sam Biddle · 06/06/14 12:08PM

The Wall Street Journal reports that Uber's latest investment round values the company at $18.2 billion—the second highest imaginary price tag for a startup in history. Number one? Facebook.

Sam Biddle · 03/14/14 12:25PM

Gossiping is good business: Secret, the anonymous chatter app du jour, just raised $8.6 million in venture funding. Investors are betting folks outside the tech corridors of California and New York—like the busted Twitter employee above—will be hooked next.

A Tiny Group Will Become Hugely Rich from Facebook Money

Sam Biddle · 02/20/14 05:59PM

The three guys up there—the co-founders of WhatsApp and their investor—just made billions and billions of dollars. The photo was taken right after they sealed the deal. Smile! But even the people without any power at the company will walk away with possibly hundreds of millions of dollars.