Airbnb Pats Itself On The Back For Hurricane Sandy Charity

Kevin Montgomery · 08/25/14 02:00PM

In recent months, Airbnb has come to resemble a political operator that happens to run a hotel network. As politicians and governments on both coasts turn the screws on the $10 billion startup, the startup continued its astroturfing campaign against San Francisco's so-called "home sharing" legislation and blanketed New York's subway system with ads. But their latest political promo is their most cynical yet.

Lyft in New York Is a Ghost Town

Sam Biddle · 07/28/14 01:25PM

After a harrowing launch attempt and some legal wrangling with city regulators, Lyft has finally arrived in New York. Sort of. If you actually try to use the app, there are no rides to be found.

Sam Biddle · 07/15/14 09:14AM

New Yorkers agree: Airbnb's subway ad campaign is trying too hard [via Twitter]

Uber Kindly Agrees to Stop Price Gouging During Emergencies

Sam Biddle · 07/08/14 01:51PM

Everyone's least and most favorite transit app catches a lot of flak for lacking anything you might call a conscience, but is that really so fair? It just said it will obey the law and no longer charge insane prices during crises and natural disasters. Those softies!

Uber Cuts Prices in New York (and Fares for Drivers)

Sam Biddle · 07/07/14 09:58AM

Great news! If you're an UberX customer in New York City, the rides are now 20 percent cheaper—less than yellow cabs! Bad news! If you're an UberX driver in New York City, you're now making 20 percent less money.

Celebrating Blade, the Uber for Flying to Montauk

Sam Biddle · 06/25/14 02:15PM

Last night, dozens of people in starched collars and prom dresses convened at a Manhattan helicopter pad, to watch helicopters land, and to celebrate a startup made for ordering said helicopters. Silicon Alley hasn't mastered the SF startup party, but it certainly still knows luxury.

New York's Office Space Nightmare Buys Man a $10 Million House

Sam Biddle · 01/20/14 11:33AM

Unless you have a lot of money, it's often impossible to find a suitable spot for your business in New York, with office lease prices through the roof—and if you're a cash-strapped startup, well, don't bother getting out of bed. Shared offices are increasingly the norm, and it's a good business to be in.

Venmo: Everyone Hates Your Weirdo Subway Ads

Sam Biddle · 01/16/14 11:29AM

Venmo is a little app for your little phone that makes it easy to beam money from your bank account to someone else's. It's very handy! It's also seen terrific success through word of mouth. So why, why oh why, is the company plastering New York with these universally hated ads?

Sam Biddle · 01/03/14 04:46PM

Silicon Alley during the morning commute. Photo submitted by anonymous Valleywag reader.