You Can Now Order a Knockoff Soylent Called "Schmoylent"

Kevin Montgomery · 11/14/14 03:25PM

Addicts will go to great lengths to get their fix. And shipping delays for the meal replacement Soylent have created a market of famished nu food fiends. One San Francisco startup has decided to fill the void with a knockoff powder they call "Schmoylent."

Fancy Delivery Startup Is Illegally Storing Food On the Streets

Kevin Montgomery · 11/10/14 08:20PM

By Silicon Valley standards, Munchery is already a success. The startup, which hand-delivers cold meals for customers to reheat, has tens of millions in funding. One of its investors likes to call it "the largest restaurant in the world." To get to that level, however, Munchery has been illegally storing Silicon Valley's dinner on the street.