Kevin Montgomery · 07/08/14 06:20PM

Pinterest's new San Francisco headquarters is "all but dead." The move was blocked by the city over concerns their new landlord was exploiting a zoning loophole to evict dozens of tenants to make room for the startup.

$10 Billion Is the New $1 Billion

Nitasha Tiku · 05/16/14 11:00AM

Remember The Unicorn Club of startups that secured an esteemed $1 billion valuation? Might as well be The Garbage Club now, full of trifling companies with worth the kind of coin one chucks out the window from the backseat of an Uber. Why, in the past 24 hours alone, Pinterest and Uber reportedly increased their valuations by a collective $8.7 billion.

The $4 Billion Secret: Don't Bother Making Any Money

Sam Biddle · 10/31/13 03:39PM

Pinterest and Snapchat have two very important things in common: they were both recently, insanely valued by investors at around $4 billion, and neither of them has made a single dime in the entirety of their existence. How is this not a bubble, and why aren't more people saying this is crazy?

Pinterest Is Now Ready To Sell You Things

Sam Biddle · 10/09/13 03:53PM

Like Instagram, Pinterest was never going to be a free ride forever—you're not paying for it with money, so you'll pay with your eyeballs instead. Here come the advertisements, and you all better start buying some tote bags and twine balls real fast.

Nitasha Tiku · 09/19/13 04:10PM

You may have forgotten about Pinterest, but CEO Ben Silbermann hasn't forgotten that his investors need an exit. The company, which has raised $338 million, will be "experimenting" with "tasteful" promoted pins "from a select group of businesses."