Google Mystery Barge: Destroyed

Sam Biddle · 08/01/14 08:50AM

If you had your heart set on buying a $1,500 face computer inside a giant barge, your life is fucked: Google looks like it's phasing out the plan for grand, floating Android showrooms, a dystopian-commerce future we couldn't handle and didn't deserve.

Kevin Rose Is Destroying His Historical Home, No Matter What [UPDATED]

Kevin Montgomery · 06/24/14 04:17PM

Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose is quickly racking up enemies in Portland. After infuriating thousands of residents over his planned demolition of a historic home, the Digg founder offered to sell the property back to the original owners for $1.375 million in cash. A group of neighbors scrounged together the funds and accepted Rose's offer, but he's leveling the landmark house anyway.