How Apple Owns the Media

Sam Biddle · 09/04/14 01:13PM

In about a week, Apple will announce a new phone. This will become national news, and coverage of a piece of metal, plastic and glass will dwarf that of human suffering here and abroad. You've probably already read some exciting things about the iPhone 6, even though it doesn't technically exist yet, and is a "big secret." That's not an accident—Apple makes reporters do their advertising.

Tech PR Dummies: Don't Use Ferguson to Sell Your App

Sam Biddle · 08/18/14 11:47AM

Some good ground rules for public relations: never call people the n-word. Never attach a virus in your pitch email. And definitely do not use the hideous race tragedy in Ferguson, MO as an angle for your fucking app.

Tech PR Dummies: Sharing Your Purchases Is "New Form of Swagger"

Sam Biddle · 07/22/14 10:30AM

In an ideal world, people would only make things that were good and that other people wanted to use. Until then, we've got public relations professionals who help pitch ideas like "PeepMe," an app for showing people how much money you spend.

Sam Biddle · 06/09/14 01:02PM

Recode's John Paczkowski reports Apple is looking for a new PR chief, and this time they should be a little nicer: "[Tim Cook's] paying particular attention to those he believes could put a friendlier, more approachable face on Apple's public relations efforts."

Goodbye to Katie Cotton, the Queen of Evil Tech PR

Sam Biddle · 05/08/14 02:28PM

After 18 years of spin, Katie Cotton, Apple's magnetically ruthless vice president of worldwide corporate communications, has left her job, and tributes from the tech press are pouring in. What no one will admit is that we were all afraid of her.

TechCrunch Now Writing Imaginary Press Releases

Sam Biddle · 08/26/13 10:19AM

The team at AOL's intrepid startup newsroom never shies away from thinly rewritten press releases—don't mess with a good formula. But today, TechCrunch reaches new heights/depths in the art: the press release as corporate fan fiction, imagining a cool new world in which Google replaces humans.

This Is What Creepy Tech PR Looks Like

Sam Biddle · 06/17/13 04:52PM

The following email was sent in by a tipster at a large national newspaper. The real question, I think, is how many writers actually agree to "collaborate" on a story with a company? The answer is more than zero, and that's bad.