Uber Kindly Agrees to Stop Price Gouging During Emergencies

Sam Biddle · 07/08/14 01:51PM

Everyone's least and most favorite transit app catches a lot of flak for lacking anything you might call a conscience, but is that really so fair? It just said it will obey the law and no longer charge insane prices during crises and natural disasters. Those softies!

Uber Wants To Help You Avoid Getting Ripped Off By Uber

Sam Biddle · 12/30/13 01:40PM

We are only a day or so away from New Year's Eve, the biggest Uber car fare backlash since the last Uber car fare backlash. Rather than listening to frustrated customers and, say, capping "surge pricing" at 6x or so, Uber's anti-regulation superhero CEO Travis Kalanick has some tips on when not to use Uber.

The Weekend Uber Tried To Rip Everyone Off

Sam Biddle · 12/16/13 11:01AM

For several hours on Saturday, Uber was maybe the most hated company in America. Some of the year's most atrocious weather dumped across the Northeast, and the transit company of the future hit customers with the worst price gouging we've ever seen—it would cost over a hundred bucks just to drive down the block. Get used to it.