Uber Used Private Location Data for Party Amusement

Sam Biddle · 09/30/14 12:20PM

The reasons to dislike Uber are as large and numerous as its paper valuation, but they all revolve around one central free market conceit: Uber never hides its contempt for you. The latest example comes from venture capitalist Peter Sims, whose ride was tracked to entertain guests at an Uber party.

Larry and Sergey Are Building Google Maps But For The Human Body

Nitasha Tiku · 07/25/14 12:50PM

Last night, Google announced what the Wall Street Journal says "may be its most ambitious and difficult science project ever." Baseline Study will try to create the most comprehensive picture of "what a healthy human being should be" by mapping personal genetic and molecular information. It will start with anonymous data from 175 people and then "thousands more," says the paper.

Facebook Deliberately Experimented on Your Emotions

Sam Biddle · 06/30/14 09:15AM

Imagine a company that records every detail of your biography, can recognize your face, tries to listen in on you through your phone, and stores countless messages between you and your friends. Now imagine this same company intentionally making you sad. It happened.

Do You Want Facebook Listening to Your iPhone?

Sam Biddle · 05/22/14 11:54AM

Sometime within the next few weeks, your iPhone is going to start recording everything it hears when you begin tapping out a Facebook status update, hoping you'll include what you're listening to or watching. But do we want to carry around a hot mic for Mark Zuckerberg?

Google's Mega-Hypocrite Says His Privacy Is More Important than Yours

Sam Biddle · 05/19/14 03:48PM

Unlike its disruptive, transatlantic neighbor, Europe still cares about privacy. That's why a European high court just affirmed the right to selectively erase oneself from Google. Google's privacy-adoring Eric Schmidt thinks this is a mistake. That is about as hypocritical as it gets.

Mark Zuckerberg Gave Obama an Angry Phone Call

Sam Biddle · 03/13/14 02:32PM

Today in the occasional internet diary blog of Mark Zuckerberg: the cherubic chief executive is cranky with the federal government, and is telling the rest of us about his spat with the president.

Ed Snowden, You Wasted Your Time at SXSW

Sam Biddle · 03/13/14 02:20PM

To recruit jihadis, you don't go to the Mall of America. Anyone who thinks a marketing conference is the right place for a pro-privacy speech is equally delusional.

Nitasha Tiku · 03/11/14 12:49PM

Bas Bosschert, the CTO of Double Think, claims that hackers can access your WhatsApp database using any Android app, even after today's update. "Facebook didn't need to buy WhatsApp to read your chats," he concludes.

Privacy Watchdog: Don't Trust Facebook with WhatsApp

Sam Biddle · 03/07/14 03:33PM

The corporate narrative around WhatsApp's obscurity-to-billions story centers around values. The company's founders, we're told, respect our privacy above all else—except $19 billion dollars from a company no one trusts to respect our privacy. Now one group is asking for government intervention.

Tinder Exposed Your Exact Location for Months

Nitasha Tiku · 02/19/14 12:10PM

Tinder's callous approach to privacy is getting more brazen. Businessweek says a security flaw exposed the exact latitude and longitude of Tinder users for between 40 to 165 days, with no notice from the company.