Do the Anti-Tech Protests Still Matter?

Kevin Montgomery · 06/26/14 03:45PM

Outside of Google I/O yesterday morning, San Francisco's usual squad of anti-tech protesters assembled to air their usual list of grievances against the Valley giant. They may have traded their clown costumes for Star Wars outfits, but the rallying calls were all the same: no more evictions, Google's buses are hurting Muni, and the company perpetuates inequality.

Kevin Rose Is Destroying His Historical Home, No Matter What [UPDATED]

Kevin Montgomery · 06/24/14 04:17PM

Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose is quickly racking up enemies in Portland. After infuriating thousands of residents over his planned demolition of a historic home, the Digg founder offered to sell the property back to the original owners for $1.375 million in cash. A group of neighbors scrounged together the funds and accepted Rose's offer, but he's leveling the landmark house anyway.

Sam Biddle · 06/11/14 01:32PM

Traditional, non-smartphone taxi drivers are blockading traffic in cities across Europe today (including London, above), part of a coordinated protest against Uber's widening presence on the continent.

Nitasha Tiku · 04/16/14 03:00PM

New Bay Area rules: every tech company demonstration must have a gimmick. The Tax Day protest outside Twitter had stick-on mustaches mocking Mayor Ed Lee; the one outside Apple had $15 billion coupons.

Protestors Blockade Private Tech Buses

Sam Biddle · 01/21/14 12:50PM

The day after an uncomfortable internal leak out of Google, anti-gentrification activists in San Francisco are attempting to shut down private shuttles from Facebook and Google, the old fashioned way.

Anti-Google Protest Turns Slightly Violent

Sam Biddle · 12/20/13 06:57PM

To the pronounced horror of some people who work at Google, a cadre of anti-tech-gentrification protestors today surrounded one of the company's private San Francisco shuttles, eventually smashing one of its windows.

Marissa Mayer and Marc Benioff Mock Walmart Protestors

Sam Biddle · 11/20/13 10:45AM

Away from the beanbag-seated crowds and cloud software kiosks at Dreamforce 2013, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer and Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff sat down on a stage to praise on another. But the panegyric swap was rudely interrupted by labor protestors, calling out Mayer for her board position at Walmart. They responded in the most Silicon Valley way possible.

San Fran Yuppie-Haters Destroy Google Pinata

Sam Biddle · 05/06/13 06:15PM

Silicon Valley's cushy private buses epitomize the area's social tension: rich white people get driven around with air conditioning, poor non-whites get higher rent, and not much else. So how about an anti-bus, anti-tech gentrification protest?