Nitasha Tiku · 05/09/14 04:44PM

Y Combinator, which has been going through an identity crisis, just welcomed Quora (a $900 million, 7-year-old company) into its summer batch of early-stage startups. The accelerator will also invest in Quora's latest round, which happened one minute ago and was supposed to keep the Q&A site independent "forever and ever."

Sam Biddle · 11/12/13 05:01PM

Quora says it has "no near term plans" of attempting to make any money at all, likely because it was founded by two extremely rich people and doesn't need to ever make money. We need to rethink what's considered a "business."

Is Quora Actually Smart?

Sam Biddle · 05/29/13 03:32PM

Quora bills itself as nothing less than "your best source of knowledge"—not your dad, not your librarian, not Wikipedia. The company, spawned by two righteous Facebook alumni (one since ousted), has raised tens of millions from investors who think it can back this claim up. But a little poking around shows Quora's got a lot of learning to do—today it's the Tumblr of opinions.