Sam Biddle · 08/01/14 09:55AM

eBay just released its "diversity" report, following Yahoo, Twitter, Google, and Facebook. The numbers are not good, but not as homogenous as the competition: 42 percent of the company is female, and a whopping seven percent is black. Compared to Facebook, eBay is the cast of Glee.

Harvard Study: Black People Get Screwed on Airbnb

Sam Biddle · 01/20/14 02:12PM

If you rent a room on Airbnb, odds are you know what your host looks like—their picture is featured front and center. A new report out of Harvard Business School crunched the data, and says this is totally fine, as long as you're not black.

Prominent Venture Capitalist Discovers Black People

Sam Biddle · 12/19/13 05:23PM

If you live in the space-silent cultural vacuum of Silicon Valley, you might be surprised by these truths: black people enjoy apps, spend money, and are grossly underrepresented as both creators and consumers of tech. The New Yorker talked to star VC Ben Horowitz, and his eyes are opened.

There Are Still Poor People All Over Silicon Valley

Sam Biddle · 07/04/13 12:12PM

A rising wind raises all rideshare helicopters—or so the pixel Pollyannas of the Valley would have you think, all progress and prosperity. And the fact that they're raking in more money than when gold was actually falling out of the ground. But if we're in boom times, what's up with all this bummer poverty?