Lyft in New York Is a Ghost Town

Sam Biddle · 07/28/14 01:25PM

After a harrowing launch attempt and some legal wrangling with city regulators, Lyft has finally arrived in New York. Sort of. If you actually try to use the app, there are no rides to be found.

Kevin Montgomery · 07/10/14 12:05PM

Lyft has already been declared illegal in New York City. The city's taxi commission is threatening to impound driver's vehicles, saying the e-hailing startup hasn't complied with "safety requirements and other licensing criteria."

Is This Ridesharing App Literally Causing an SF Class Battle?

Sam Biddle · 07/12/13 04:29PM

Lyft is a popular Bay Area app that seeks to turn San Franciscans into private drivers for one another, under the lovely euphemism "ridesharing." Naturally, cab drivers feel threatened, and there's been plenty of grumbling. Now we hear the grumbling is turning to face-punches.

Startup to SF: Just Avoid that Pesky Transit Strike via Helicopter!

Sam Biddle · 07/01/13 11:11AM

Here's how thinking about the world works in Silicon Valley: when public transportation is disrupted (in the old sense) due to labor disputes, that's not an inconvenience! It's an opportunity to plug your app and offer helicopter rides—literally fly over society's problems.