Robert Scoble In Recovery, Going Dark On Social For Two Months

Dan Lyons · 01/31/15 10:44AM

The past few months have been bumpy for tech pundit Robert Scoble. They have included a confession about being sexually abused as a teenager; a diagnosis of cancer; a decision to go to Alcoholics Anonymous; a new best friend who had him wearing a "Hustler" cap (see above) and making videos about "Hustle University"; and now an announcement on Facebook that he's going dark on social media for the next two months so he can work on himself and his family life.

Emperor of the Glassholes Finally Feels Shame

Sam Biddle · 04/22/14 04:57PM

Google Glass is a $1,500 toy predicated on the absence of self-awareness—and so it's no surprise its early power users have been men like Robert Scoble, a roof-raising mascot of privacy antagonism. But now, even the man who once boasted of wearing his face computer in the shower is jumping ship.

Google Glass Fanboy Robert Scoble Breaks Creepiness Record

Sam Biddle · 01/02/14 02:17PM

Overpaid manbaby technologist Robert Scoble, famous for unapologetically wearing a face-mounted camera into public bathrooms, has outdone himself: as evidence that Google's face computers will be a hit, he recorded himself talking to a crew of eager high school girls.