Can San Francisco's Puppet Mayor Survive Despite His Techie Friends?

Kevin Montgomery · 10/29/14 05:50PM

For much of Ed Lee's first term as Mayor of San Francisco, he enjoyed both the popular support of the public and the financial backing of tech tycoons. Last March, a stunning 65 percent of local voters approved of Lee's handling of the job. Then the Google Bus protests happened, the cost of living kept rising, and evictions hit crisis levels. Within 13 months, Lee's approval rating sunk by 20 points.

Airbnb Investors Finance Smear Campaign as Reward for Favorable Law

Kevin Montgomery · 10/15/14 12:45PM

When San Francisco began considering legalizing Airbnb, the flourishing startup was quick to ingrain itself in the political process. Airbnb's lobbyists secretly helped author favorable legislation, then created an astroturfing organization to strike down the sections they didn't like. And now that the legislation has passed, Airbnb's investors are rewarding their City Hall stooge with a smear campaign against his electoral opponent.

Tech's Push to Help Schools Looks Like a Campaign Ad For Ed Lee

Kevin Montgomery · 09/30/14 01:28PM

Just two weeks before San Francisco's 2011 mayoral election, billionaire angel investor Ron Conway pushed out a viral campaign ad for Mayor Ed Lee that featured cameos from local sports stars and Silicon Valley tech celebs. Now, 13 months before Lee's next election, Conway's techie advocacy group has released another ad including all the hallmarks from the original "2 Legit 2 Quit" video.

Tech's Dream of Building Our Way to Affordability Will Never Come True

Kevin Montgomery · 07/17/14 10:30AM

Silicon Valley's loudest mouths love little more than demanding free market solutions to every public ill—the Bay Area's housing crisis being no exception. Their pitch is simple: just build more housing and prices will plummet. But that's not happening.

Nitasha Tiku · 12/20/13 11:51AM

Twitter, quite literally, bought and paid for San Francisco's City Hall, which bled blue last night for the company's holiday party. Looks like Ron Conway's investment in Ed Lee was a real home run! Images via @Stop