Keep Daly City Uncool

Bob Calhoun · 11/17/14 05:10PM

This is a guest post by author Bob Calhoun. Last week, Yishan Wong resigned as Reddit CEO because he wanted to move the company's office from the hip SOMA district in San Francisco to Daly City, a fog-enshrouded stretch of suburbia on the city's southern border.

Startup Exploits Evictions to Create Party Pad for Tech Workers

Kevin Montgomery · 11/13/14 03:15PM

Single-room-occupancy hotels are some of the last scraps of low-income housing left in San Francisco. But for the city's high-tech strata, they're just another piece of property to flip for profit. And one tech-centric housing company stands accused of using unlawful evictions to turn a SoMa SRO into a gaudy co-op for dozens of tech workers.

Here's What the Mission Riots Looked Like After the Giants' Victory

Kevin Montgomery · 10/30/14 12:45PM

Multiple traffic lights were molested last night as crowds of fans flocked to San Francisco's Mission District following the Giants' World Series victory. As the riot grew in size and SFPD officers began losing control of the situation, dozens of fires were ignited as helicopters beaming spotlights swarmed overhead.

Can San Francisco's Puppet Mayor Survive Despite His Techie Friends?

Kevin Montgomery · 10/29/14 05:50PM

For much of Ed Lee's first term as Mayor of San Francisco, he enjoyed both the popular support of the public and the financial backing of tech tycoons. Last March, a stunning 65 percent of local voters approved of Lee's handling of the job. Then the Google Bus protests happened, the cost of living kept rising, and evictions hit crisis levels. Within 13 months, Lee's approval rating sunk by 20 points.

Kevin Montgomery · 10/17/14 01:05PM

Bay Area rents keep climbing thanks to the tech boom. According to the Contra Costa Times, rental costs across the region have hit a new record: "Bay Area apartment rents have jumped 11.4 percent from last year to an average of $2,234 a month."

Sean Parker Bought His Way Onto SF's Minimum Wage Initiative

Kevin Montgomery · 10/08/14 11:05AM

Like many other cities across America, San Francisco is attempting to raise its minimum wage and fill a gap caused by federal and state incompetence. The city's voters in the upcoming election will decide whether to up the local minimum wage from $10.74 to $15 an hour, boosting incomes of the most vulnerable workers in the hyper-gentrifying city.

Nitasha Tiku · 10/07/14 08:45PM

Airbnb just got its very own law! San Francisco Board of Supervisors agreed to "legalize but rein in short-term residential rentals by passing the so-called 'Airbnb law.'" Hopefully that marks the end of "almost cult-like" Airbnb proselytizers who followed Supervisor Eric Mar around a farmer's market.

Mark Zuckerberg Pays Kids to Squat in Parking Spots Overnight

Kevin Montgomery · 09/26/14 03:45PM

The extravagant renovation of Mark Zuckerberg's $10 million San Francisco "fixer-upper" has already aggravated neighbors with months of noise and parking concerns. But Zuckerberg's own actions are making the impacts of the ongoing 17 month project worse. According to CBS, the boy billionaire has been paying a squad of squatters to hold parking spots so his construction workers have somewhere to park.