A Lesson In Google Glass Etiquette

Nitasha Tiku · 03/31/14 01:15PM

Guests of the Stanford Court hotel in Nob Hill are greeted with a rug exclaiming #HELLO! (hashtag included.) Here and there in the lobby, iPad kiosks languish at just below hip-level. No one interacts with them. The first floor is riddled with these kind of flourishes, implanted awkwardly into what was once your average Marriott.

Glasshole Lies About Recording Bar Patrons on TV

Sam Biddle · 03/14/14 10:00AM

Sarah Slocum, a San Francisco resident, social nightmare, and self-professed cyborg hate crime victim, is also a liar. Watch her on local TV, describing the bar she recorded with her face computer, as she denies recording with her face computer.