Slack Is Letting Anyone Peek at Their Competitors

Sam Biddle · 10/08/14 08:54AM

Few pieces of corporate software have earned so many fans so quickly as Slack, which is basically a sophisticated chat room for businesses. But as one blogger just realized, a vulnerability in the login page lets you snoop on the other guy.

Tinder Exposed Your Exact Location for Months

Nitasha Tiku · 02/19/14 12:10PM

Tinder's callous approach to privacy is getting more brazen. Businessweek says a security flaw exposed the exact latitude and longitude of Tinder users for between 40 to 165 days, with no notice from the company.

Waves of Spam Are Infiltrating Snapchat

Nitasha Tiku · 01/13/14 12:00PM

Those private ephemeral ads for losing pounds and enhancing penis size you see above appeared in my Snapchat feed yesterday, along with a handful of new "friends" in my contacts. I'm not the only one being inundated by spam.

Nitasha Tiku · 01/02/14 06:48PM

Snapchat issued a statement about the security breach that exposed 4.6 million accounts. The company promised better privacy protection with the next update, but apparently brogramming means never having to say you're sorry.

Tumblr: Oops, We Might Have Blown Your Password

Sam Biddle · 07/17/13 11:03AM

If you use an iPhone or iPad to cruise Tumblr, change your login ASAP: the company just admitted a serious flaw in its iOS apps makes it easy for someone to steal your password out of thin air.

Twitter's Complete Guide to Not Being Hacked

Sam Biddle · 04/30/13 09:06AM

The microblogging service that's become a newsroom staple across the world is still missing stronger, two-step security offered by Google and Facebook. Security that would've stopped companies like Burger King or the AP from being hacked. In the meantime, we've been sent this memo: